What I’m Writing

Stopped Clocks and Blind Squirrels

Eugenie Johnston wants to be a private detective. She just completed the first course at Doyle Romine’s Online Academy of Private Detection and Investigation, and when her fiance’s father disappears, Eugenie is ready to put her new skills to work finding the missing man.

Doyle Romine failed as a private detective and now his internet school is a bust, too: his sole student, Eugenie Johnston, hasn’t signed up for any more classes.

Doyle’s luck begins to change when lottery millionaire Davine Lingo hires him to find missing businessman Big Virgil Snearl. His investigation sends him headlong into the world of Eugenie Johnston and the town of Dripping Springs, where there’s fresh gossip at Pretty Patty’s Beauty Salon, the Historical Society is in an uproar over the production of a new play set during the time of the town’s founding, and you can always get a good cup of coffee down at the Flying Pie.

Untitled Unfinished Second Project

Oh, who the fuck knows what this is about. 😉

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