This is Not My 200th Post

Just an FYI: I’m Camp NaNoWriMo-ing starting today.

Oh no! CampNanowimo

Oh no! CampNaNoWriMo

I’m already behind. I don’t know when I’ll catch up. Who knew that the economy would pick up so much that even a holder of a dubious graduate degree would find so much work?

Anyway, just a quick post to let anyone who’s torturing themselves participating that they can find me over there @ kayeraye. My cabin appears to be full of the usual creepy weirdos so I’m sure we’ll all get along famously.

One last housekeeping note: this is technically my 200th post but I had planned something much more fabulous than a  quick flyby about CampNaNoWriMo for that milestone. Of course, I haven’t written that post–oh, God, I suck so much I don’t even have an idea for that post! Anyway, let’s just pretend this CampNaNoWriMo BS is not  my 200th post and stay tuned for my 201st post.

I’m sure it will be wonderful, and who knows, maybe I’ll make it really special by including naked selfies or my credit card info or whatever. I’ll think of something.


10 thoughts on “This is Not My 200th Post

  1. lynseywhite says:

    Oh God! How can it be Camp Wrimo time already? Pondering whether or not to sign up… but last-minute cabins aren’t usually the best 😉 Good luck, anyway!


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