I Am Not A New Adult

I have a shameful secret that I feel I must reveal and where else does one reveal a shameful secret but to their therapist on their blog?

I haven't read any of these books.

I haven’t read any of these books.

Here is my shameful secret: I don’t really read many books.

Apparently this blog has been misleading readers into believing that I read books.  How did that happen? I look up at my blog title. Do Not Get Sick in the Sink, PleaseNo, no mention of books there. How about the tagline? Humor and Sex. Mostly Sex. No, no books there, either. Let’s take a look at some of the blog posts: here’s one about sex. Here’s one about having sex with robots. Oh, here’s another one about sex.

In scrolling through the list of popular categories I’ve written about, sex tops the list, but books comes in at an astonishing fifth place, after humor, dating, and relationships. I guess that fifth place showing makes the blog enough about books to attract the attention of an desperate editor for an desperate independent publisher who

More books I haven't read.

More books I haven’t read.

contacted me to request a review of a soon to be published New Adult title.

A New Adult title?

I’m old enough to remember when the word “Adult” was a synonym for sex, e.g. adult films or adult subject matter, so I was intrigued at the possibility of reading a book in the category of “New Sex.”

And “New Adult” does sort of mean “New Sex.” From a New York Times article attempting to define the genre, “Beyond Wizards and Vampires to Sex”:

They’ve labeled this category “new adult” — which some winkingly describe as Harry Potter meets “50 Shades of Grey” — and say it is aimed at 18-to-25-year-olds, the age group right above young adult.

So the New Adult genre is attempting to satisfy the older readers of Young Adult novels that have been bitching about the lack of explicit sex among JK Rowling’s wizards, Suzanne Collins’ tributes, and John Green’s pediatric cancer patients.

I may look like I'm reading, but I'm actually taking a nap.

I may look like I’m reading, but I’m actually taking a nap.

At 33, I’ve aged out of the cohort that publishers are trying to reach with this genre, so I’ll be passing on the opportunity to review (for free) this New Adult novel. Actually, that “for free” bit was the sticking point, not so much my age.  I like to think I’m a New Adult 30-something, which is way sexier than a regular Adult 30-something.

Still, for a moment, I entertained the suggestions the editor included in her email:

If you’d like to talk with the author regarding a guest blog, an interview, a giveaway, or other promo in conjunction with your review, let me know! We’re always happy to do promo with bloggers, assuming the author’s schedule permits.

But that would mean I would have to read the book.

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9 thoughts on “I Am Not A New Adult

    • Karen says:


      For my other readers: unlike me, Barb actually reads books and reviews them every Thursday (that’s today!) on her terrific blog about books and writing and living abroad barbtaub.com


    • Karen says:

      I think they mean what we used to call back in the dark ages when I was in college “chick lit” a phrase which I don’t think was ever used to categorize a novel as much as to disparage it.

      So I think “New Adult” is a category that evolved to encompass those sorts of novels without the negative connotations. Plus, I think sometimes (though not always) there are dragons and wizards and dystopian settings.

      Wow, that was a lot of words to respond to your pithy comment! I should have responded just as succinctly, like so:

      Yes, they mean “screw adult.” 😉


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