The Good News is You’re Not Crazy. The Bad News is You Really Are a Dick.

In the midst of the feeding frenzy that’s surrounding the walking dick joke Anthony Weiner story, along comes this research out of UCLA: Sexual desire, not hypersexuality, is related to neurophysiological responses elicited by sexual images. What those researchers found, essentially, is there is no such mental illness as “sexual addiction” and all the folks (usually men) that have been blaming their bad behavior on this “disease” can just stop it right now.  You’re not an addict.  You’re just a dick.

To his credit, Weiner never claimed to be a sexual addict, though there was some murmurings about him “seeking treatment” back when he was forced to resign from Congress two years ago.  The same cannot be said of San Diego mayor Bob Filner, who seems to have made a political career out of being every woman’s worst nightmare.  Filner made a tearful video plea for “help” recently.

Filner, who is 70 years old, has somehow managed to have a lengthy career in politics despite seeming to have behaved like a predator toward every woman he encountered.  Thankfully, that career appears to be coming to an end.

But who knows?  Maybe Filner will mount a comeback, as Weiner was attempting before this latest fuck up imbroglio.

I was discussing the Weiner story with my sister last night on the phone.  She’s coming up on her first wedding anniversary in August, so she and her husband are still sitting around making goo goo eyes at each other.  I’ve been married ten years, so I sit around staring daggers at my husband for not unloading the dishwasher, and he looks at me trying to remember the last time I blew him (last month?  No, two months ago, after I drank all that wine at dinner).

My sister can’t wrap her brain around why Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, would stay with a man who did a lot of dirty stuff that Al Gore the people who invented the internet never imagined would be done with their technology.  Or maybe they did imagine it.  Has there been any technology ever invented that we didn’t immediately pervert?  Someone figured out a charred bit of wood leaves a mark on the cave wall and the next person comes along and draws a picture of a woman with really big breasts.  We learn how to make paper and bind it into books, and there’s the Kama Sutra.  Someone (I’m not sure who.  It’s complicated.  Don’t count on this blog for your research on automotive history) invents the motorcar, and then we had the back seat.  Moving pictures gave us dirty movies, and the Internet gave us Anthony Weiner texting pictures of his boner.

Despite being of the female persuasion and having written extensively on this blog about the dangers of posting nakie selfies on the interwebs, I felt a certain amount of sympathy for Weiner when he was caught the first time.  Not for the dumb cover up he tried to perpetuate at first (“Someone hacked my Twitter account!”), but just for the fact that he had done something stupid that would probably cost him his career.  As a wife, I would have been angry and embarrassed, but probably forgiven him for it.

The second time around, I just feel sad for both Weiner and his wife.  He’s a dick, and she’s a woman who had a child with a guy who needs to validate himself by getting random women on the internet to tell him what a nice cock he has.  Both of them have to wonder about their judgment.

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20 thoughts on “The Good News is You’re Not Crazy. The Bad News is You Really Are a Dick.

  1. Richard Thayer (@RichardThayer4) says:

    Excellent advice, Karen. If someone gets their jollies by sending out semi-naked or jay-bird naked pictures of themselves that’s one thing. But if you feel compelled to do it, don’t run for an elected office. We already have far too many perverts there already (example: San Diego mayor).


    • Karen says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment 🙂 And thanks for your blog, which is a terrific source for information on all the legislative issues surrounding the Postal Service at this point in its history. I enjoy reading it.

      I don’t know if Weiner is a pervert, but he shows astounding poor judgment, and an inability to learn from his mistakes, and those factors should disqualify him from office. I like to call myself a yellow dog Democrat, but I was never a fan of Weiner, who I always felt was more interested in getting his face on television than actually working on political issues. And that was my opinion of him before I got to see what his penis looks like.


  2. peregrinerose says:

    You may want to re read the article you posted. It says nothing about whether sex addiction is or is not an actual condition, only that one factor that was looked at did not have a significant difference. Even the authors of the study point out other areas that need to be researched. Behavioral addictions (food, sex, gambling) likely have very different etiology from biochemical addictions (drugs, alcohol), so the findings are not surprising.

    Sex addiction is real. Is it an addiction? Probably not the right word for the disorder, any more than OCD is an ‘addiction’ to certain behaviors. It seems more in line with intimacy and connection disorders, such as Reactive Attachment Disorder. The pain of the addiction is very real, and very shameful to those that engage in those behaviors.


    • Karen says:

      No doubt the area deserves more research, but the DSM-V fails to recognize it as a disorder, and the UCLA research supports that opinion.


        • Karen says:

          Oh, gosh, I don’t like to argue with commentators, mostly I just make jokes about BJs here, but here’s a quote from one of the researchers, Dr. Nicole Prause:

          “We expected the brain response to sexual stimuli to be consistent with other drugs of addiction, or even other behavioral addiction studies,” said Prause. “But we just don’t see that at all. We weren’t able to find evidence for any relationship between the measures of high-frequency sexual problems and the brain response to sexual images.”

          There. Not an addiction, not a disorder. This single study may not entirely refute your contention that there is some such thing as “sexual addiction” but it most certainly does provide evidence that hypersexuality is not similar to any other behavioral addiction.

          Thank you for your comments.


          • peregrinerose says:

            You may want t read the entire article. The discussion posed several reasons why one particular component, the P300, which is the only one studied, may not be an adequate indicator of sexual addiction. It is also a small sample size. Not to mention that they didn’t even test sex addicts, only those people that were self described as having trouble staying away from porn. Read the beginning of the text, where their IRB refused to allow them to use actual sex addicts due to the possible triggering effects of the images on their recovery.

            To post a study, small scale, and not testing actual sex addicts to supposedly refute sex addiction, a problem that the authors do recognize within the text of the article, opens the door to further research and poses some really interesting questions, but does nothing to eliminate sex addiction as a problem.


  3. Dylan Hearn says:

    I love the image of cavemen drawing a woman with big breasts on the wall. From my experience of school graffiti, I think a dick and balls would have come first (pun intended), closely followed by a pair of tits. That they would end up attached to a woman would happen much later. Your opinion of men is way too high.


    • Karen says:

      lol! Well, I was thinking the cavepeople would be artistes, not just perverts, and there are far more examples of nude women in the great works of art than nude men.

      But you’re probably right. Most likely they were just regular, garden variety perverts, like their descendants, and drew disembodied dirty bits on the cave walls.


  4. Gus Sanchez says:

    There’s nothing that suggests Anthony Weiner would stop this behavior if he were elected Mayor, which he won’t be – not that New Yorkers are prudish, but they do have limits to just how embarrassing they’ll allow their mayor to be. I was around when Rudy Giullani made a complete jackass of himself on a weekly basis.

    But I humored myself earlier imagining Anthony Weiner as President…unable to resist texting an image of his cock to Angela Merkel.

    I was willing to forgive Weiner before, but he seriously needs to just go away.


    • Karen says:

      I grew up in the NYC metropolitan area (southern Connecticut) so I’m familiar with NY politics, and I still follow it pretty closely, even though I’ve lived elsewhere for awhile now. I think it was clear from Weiner’s quick exit two years ago that he hoped to lay low and mount a comeback at a future date. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, he was too stupid to even manage this, and you’re right, NYers will tolerate a lot in their politicians (Charlie Rangel still represents NY’s 13th Congressional district), but not stupidity.


    • Karen says:

      You don’t think the story is newsworthy? I agree, it’s not surprising that this guy, Weiner, who I said in an earlier comment I’d gotten sick of seeing on TV long before he started appearing on newscasts because he likes to flash his penis, would also look for this type of adulation, but I think it’s newsworthy. It happens once, let it go, chalk it up to a dumb mistake. It happens again? Your judgment and IQ come into question.


      • Elyse says:

        I just don’t care. It has been happening since the dawn of man. It will continue. I didn’t care about FDR or JFK or any of them. Yes it shows poor judgment in that area.

        I’m not a fan of Weiner’s. but that has nothing to do with his dick and everything to do with him being one.


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