It’s Never a Good Sign When You Have to Explain Your Jokes

I write a humor blog.

There.  I said it.  Please don’t email me to tell me my blog really isn’t about sex (and please don’t include a link to your blog which is about a lot of filthy stuff I’m too much of a Catholic–and I’m not much of a Catholic–to repeat), or call me a “jackass” (what did you think a post titled “In Praise of Dating Your Dad” was about, anyway?) or tell me I’m “sick”   (you were the one who found my blog by Googling “the best places to have sex in public” and I’m sick???)

It amazes me that a person can get all the way through one of my posts and then at the end think I’m serious and feel the need to chastise me.  Like I would benefit from chastising anyway.  It just makes me want to go off and write about masturbating in Starbucks again.

12 thoughts on “It’s Never a Good Sign When You Have to Explain Your Jokes

  1. Dylan Hearn says:

    Ah, search terms. Don’t you just love the things they throw up (or the things people search that make you throw up). I’ve had so many people come to my blog to find a solution to stop cats sh****ng in their garden. Sorry, if I had an answer, I wouldn’t have been inspired to write the blog.
    Anyway, I thought you wrote a humour blog? 😉


    • Karen says:

      You can say “shitting” here, it’s ok 🙂

      Gee, what is it about your comments that is sending them to the spam folder? That’s really weird.

      No, I don’t mind that people are searching “best places to have sex in public” and finding my blog. That post gets a 100 hits a day, at least, but I’m sure the pervs are very disappointed to discover my very inconvenient (not to mention unsexy) suggestions on where to have sex in public.

      I think we could just solve all the problems with getting traffic to our blogs if we could just figure out the magic phrases we need to include in our posts. Apparently, “public sex” is one, and “cat shitting” is another. 😉


        • Dylan Hearn says:

          Oh, and thanks for the permission, although you may come to regret that…;-)
          As for why I’m blocked, I’m still trying to find that out. I was asked by Akismet if I’d sent any suspicious comments recently and felt like saying “only the 1 million buy Viagra for $1 comments” but decided that joking with Akismet might be a bit like joking with customs officers.
          I think the magic phrase would probably include public sex, Olsen Twins and Beyonce in the same sentence, or maybe that’s just me*….
          *As a disclaimer, I’m a forty something Brit who has no idea who the Olsen twins are other than they’re famous – I have heard of the other two though.


  2. Joyce says:

    So I take a little sabbatical and this is what I come back to…now what kind of trouble are you in? Can’t turn my back for a minute, can I? 😉


    • Karen says:

      All hell broke lose!

      On reconsidering the comment left last night on that “The Best Place to Have Sex in Public (Is to Have Sex in Private)” post, I think maybe she wasn’t calling me sick. Or maybe she was. I don’t know. I wouldn’t have sex during a Disney movie. Anyway, the only Disney movie that made me even slightly horny was “Aladdin” . . .



  3. Caitlin @ The Siren's Tale says:

    People are so ridiculous sometimes! Half the time they don’t take people’s writing seriously, and the other half they are taking people’s writing too seriously. I would think it would only take a few minutes reading your blog to understand it’s a humor blog that will have you laughing and blushing within a few minutes.

    Shame on you for having a sense of humor and sharing it with others! What a wretched, horrible, twisted thing to do. What are you trying to do, bring laughter and happiness into people’s day? Horrid.

    Side note – For any negative commenting reader, why read the entire post and scroll to the bottom to leave a rude comment? I would hope people would have some hobbies or effective ways to better use their free time.


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