DPchallenge: Give Me Some Old School Clay Tablets!

Daily Post at WordPress.comThis week’s writing challenge wants to know how I prefer to read, with an eReader or with an “old school” paperback in hand.  Paperbacks are “old school”?  Hardly.  Let’s get really “old school” and talk about the virtues of clay tablets.

  1. Yes, clay tablets are heavy, but have you ever tried propping open a door with your Kindle?
  2. Do you know how many paperback novels I’ve lost?  I still don’t know what Molly Bloom answered, or who killed Roger Ackroyd.   Try losing a clay tablet.  People will absolutely run after you screaming, “Hey!  Get back here!  You can’t leave that clay tablet here!”
  3. If you take a clay tablet with you on your trip to the beach, when you’re done reading, you can bake loaves of bread on it.  Try doing that with a Nook.
  4. Clay tablets mean jobs for all the out-of-work cuneiform scriveners.
  5. Enjoy reading in the bathtub?   Oops, better not drop your paperback or eReader!  Water will ruin both.  Go ahead and dunk that clay tablet.  Go right ahead.
  6. Reading clay tablets turns a sedentary activity into a muscle building work out, so you’ll live longer and look ripped.  How much does your paperback weigh?
  7. Clay tablets are 100% organic.  ‘Cause they’re made out of clay.
  8. Due to their size and weight, clay tablets encourage only serious readers to join your book club.
  9. You’ll never forget to return your clay tablet to the library, so you’ll avoid fines and the dirty looks from the librarian.
  10. I figure what was good enough for God and Moses is good enough for me.

 So read on clay tablets.  It’s what God intended.

9 thoughts on “DPchallenge: Give Me Some Old School Clay Tablets!

  1. slepsnor says:

    I keep thinking of Mel Brooks playing Moses in History of the World Part 1. “He has given us fifteen *drops a clay tablet that shatters* Ten! Ten Commandments!”


  2. GreedyFrog says:

    I am sure some designer or other will come along soon and launch a range of cute clay tablet cases. Then even the fashion-conscious can adopt clay tablets without a second thought!


  3. Jeni says:

    One more argument in favour of clay tablets: If you *do* accidentally drop one in the tub, let it soften up a bit and you can refashion it into an actual book club.


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