DPchallenge: the Devil is in the Details

The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge:

Your challenge this week is to practice your powers of observation. Take any person, place, or event, and write three paragraphs describing your subject in great detail. Here are three scenes to get you thinking — feel welcome to choose one or more of these scenes and riff off of it, or create your own:

1. A woman walks into a restaurant.

2. A boy plays in his front yard.

3. Describe your writing space.

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Virgil Snearl, Jr. held the door open for Felicity before he exited the Flying Pie.  She stood at the entrance for a moment, waiting to be seated, her hands neatly clasping her purse in front of her, rocking on the heels of the wedges that she wore quite obviously for comfort and not for style.  After a moment, she decided that Corinne Puckerton was probably taking a smoke break out back instead of taking care of her customers inside.  Felicity made a mental note to deduct 2% from Corinne’s tip as she sat herself at one of the red vinyl booths along the back wall.

She pulled a greasy menu from where it was sandwiched between the napkin dispenser and the salt and pepper shakers.  She noticed some prankster, probably one of the Woodrow boys, had loosened the top to the salt shaker.  Felicity took a moment to screw it on tightly, and then checked the pepper and the ketchup bottle as well.  One couldn’t be too careful with the Woodrow boys around.

“Hey, there, Felicity,” Corinne smiled and waved.  “Did you see the specials up on the board?”

“I did.” Felicity glanced up at the board, which was decorated with six upside down aluminum pie tins, making it look as though a fleet of UFOs were trying to carry the board back to their home planet.  “I was thinking about the chicken pot pie, but I may have the beef casserole.  What’s good today?”

“I just served the last of the beef casserole to Russell,” Corinne jerked a thumb at the table behind Felicity where Russell Horowitz was smearing beef casserole in his whiskers, and occasionally getting a forkful into his mouth.  “But the chicken pot pie is just as good.”

“I guess my decision is made for me, then.  And a Pepsi.”  Felicity closed the menu and nestled it back into its spot and Corinne walked away, scribbling on her order pad.  She stopped by the specials board long enough to wipe off the chalk that spelled “Beef Casserole” and knocked off one of the pie tins in the process.

8 thoughts on “DPchallenge: the Devil is in the Details

  1. Connie T says:

    This is good. The salt and ketchup reminded me of a time I was at a restaurant two years ago. The people had a little girl that was being a brat and they were ignoring her. She took the ketchip bottle and licked all over the top and then put it back down on the table. I am now afraid to use ketchup that is left on the tables.


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