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Leavin' on a jet plane

Ne pas visiter notre pays, s’il vous plaît

Because it is becoming quite apparent that I cannot go on without the whole of the French nation hating me, this blog post is going to be about France, too. So those of you who are thinking, “Sheesh!  Again with the French thing!  She’s not going to rest until she’s on AirFrance’s No Fly List!” can just go visit some other blog (but please come back tomorrow).

I don’t know how reliable this statistic is, but it’s been widely reported that 30% of internet porn is viewed by women (here’s a link to some stat porn for you weirdos who like numbers and tables) and it’s always troubled me, as one of those 30%, why more porn isn’t produced with women’s tastes in mind. And when I say “women’s” tastes, I mean “my” tastes, which is lots of naked James Franco, and if he’s not available, than a naked James Franco look-alike will do.

I can't decide who's butt is nicer.

And I want to see both their asses!

No, what I mean is porn with pretty people and at least as many shots of his penis as her breasts.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.  This morning I read Hannah Gregory’s piece, Feminist Porn and the Impossible Subject  and this is how she defined what we want.

Porn for and by women is then about asserting the fact that women may and do enjoy watching sex on screen. It’s about undoing violent visual tropes of acts abusive towards women, as well as the opposite stereotype that presumes women prefer their erotica soft-round-the-edges – ‘loving’ or with a pretence of sincerity.

Today, it pleases me to see that the calls for more James Franco porn women’s porn have finally been heard by none other than the French with the website, Dorcelle, un site réservé aux femmes et fait par des femmes (that’s their tag line, which sounds really sexy and sophisticated, even though I have no idea what it means!)  You can read all about Dorcelle in this article from the Huffington Post, I mean, Le Huffington Post (even the Huffington Post sounds sexy and sophisticated!), if you can read French.

Now if I had just paid more attention to Monsieur Badeau in my fourth period French class  . . .

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