Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Since I wrote about the Author Survivor Contest 2013 over on the other day in this post, And the portion is too small., I’ve been thinking about writing contests, and thought I might do my bit to promote a few bloggers here at WordPress who are conducting contests of their own.

I expect a tasteful, yet expensive gift for Valentine's Day

I got my heart broken by some jerk, that’s what happened to me over the summer.

Over at charlottesville winter, they are having a Valentine’s Day contest.  The theme is “What You Did Over Your Summer Vacation”–no, the theme, of course, is love, and the deadline is February 11, 8pm eastern, so if you haven’t fallen in love yet so you can write about it, you better get cracking.  You can read more about the contest and see the full rules here.

On Scribbler’s Ink, they are having a contest for the month of January and whoever posts the most responses to their daily writing prompts wins some neat prizes.  You can see the full rules here.

This sink spreads communicable diseases.

It’s INK, not SINK!

I actually got pretty excited when I saw that blog’s name, because their web address is and I thought someone else was writing about sinks here at WordPress . . .

Last, we have a screenwriting contest being held over at Persistent Pen.  The deadline there is March 31 and you can see the rest of the rules here.  So dust off that sequel you wrote to Battlefield Earth, add some zombies to it, and you should be good to go.

Even Scientology.

Zombies improve everything.

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6 thoughts on “Winner, winner, chicken dinner

  1. stillstrange says:

    I like that. So, why don’t you look up the word, sink, and see what amusing searches you come up with. I’m sure there are some. That might be a good blog for you and I would enjoy reading it. 🙂


    • Karen says:

      You know, I think I would be afraid to see what kind of weirdo freako is blogging about sinks (of all things) on WordPress! 😉 They would probably be posting a bunch of photos of public urinals . . . (now *there’s* an idea for a blog post)


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