My Year in Blogging

In this lull between Christmas and the New Year, I felt it would be a good time to reflect on 2012 and my year in blogging.  Here’s my list of embarrassing things I wrote on the internet achievements and if it gets you thinking about some of the stuff you wrote, I’d love to hear your favorites from your own blog.   Post a link in the comments or if you’re feeling shy, email me a link.

freshly-pressed-circleThe post that got me Freshly Pressed: Blog Posts I Didn’t Write.  You can read about my thoughts on being Freshly Pressed in two follow up posts, Freshly Pressed and The Absolute Last Post I Will Make About Being Freshly Pressed.

The post that (IMHO) is the funniest: My Four Rules of Sex.  Required reading for all men who decide to email me and ask for sex after reading my blog. (Um, please don’t email me and ask for sex. I am only joking.)

The post that no one read (but really should have): All I Ever Needed to Know About Love I Learned from a French Waiter.  It raises questions about the meaning of love, instead of just making dick jokes, like I usually do.

The post that I (maybe) wish I had not writtenIn Praise of Dating Your Dad.  Incest is (maybe) not as funny as I thought, and I got called a “jackass” in the comments.

The post that got the most views (other than Freshly Pressed)Lick, Pump, Squirt, Snore. I do not know why, but lots and lots of folks are out there Googling “karezza” (go ahead.   Google it.  I know you wanna).

The post that got the most likes (other than Freshly Pressed)Harry Potter Doesn’t Get Laid.  Apparently you pervs like to sit around and think about what sort of sex they’re having in Gryffindor house.

The post that got the most comments (other than Freshly Pressed)Sexual Bucket List. I only scored a 21 from the list, which makes me an absolute virgin compared to some of you freaks.

Last but not least, the best comments of the year.  There were a bunch, and thanks to all who made this blog funnier with their contributions in the comments.  Here are a few of the folks who made me laugh this year:

•                Boondocksbrainwork responds to my end of blog post query in The Pros and Cons of Polygamy and Turkey Leftovers.

•                GreedyFrog discusses appropriate orgy etiquette in Every Single Filthy Disgusting Thing the Human Brain Can Imagine .

•                Jesse from Buckhouse confesses her Christmas Eve plans in Merry Christmas and Please Date Me.

•                Nancy Francis on what she thinks cruise ship ice rooms are for in Sexual Bucket List.

•                PuckerUpButtercup offers to introduce me to a real live lesbian in Is Sex Necessary?

•                Rebecca from Lady Or Not and I share a Vagina Dialogue in What is the Biography of Your Vagina?

•                Sebastian March is funnier than I am in Topless Woman, Ford Pick Up Truck, What Could Go Wrong?

So Happy New Blogging Year to you all, and I’m challenging my fellow bloggers to take a moment and review your own blog, and share a link in the comments to the best posts you’ve written this past year.

Happy Blogging New Year!

Happy New Blogging Year!


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