In Praise of Dating Your Dad

Usually stories like these, Bethel Man, Daughter Charged in Sex Case, have a dateline location somewhere in Florida.  I’ve written previously about shenanigans in Florida in this blog post, Topless Woman, Ford Pick up Truck, What Could Go Wrong? and  The Blog Post in which I Explain Why You Would Pay $5 for a Cup of Coffee so you can imagine my surprise when I

How did we wind up in a blog post about incest???

Mark Twain, his wife, and their three daughters, none of whom he dated.

saw  that the perverts folks involved were from my great home state of Connecticut.  Connecticut is known for a few things, like being the home of the Mark Twain House and Museum, and the most awesome apizza ever, New Haven Style, and not so much for, you know, incest.  Since I know the delicate sensibilities of my readers prohibit them from clicking on a website link that includes the words “man,” “daughter,” and “sex” all in the same sentence, I’ll include a little excerpt from the piece here so you can see what the Nutmeg State is all abuzz about right now.

George Sayers Jr., 46, and Tiffany Hartford, 23, of Nashville Road, were charged with third-degree sexual assault after DNA tests proved they were father and daughter and the parents of a child, according to an arrest warrant affidavit made public Tuesday in state Superior Court in Danbury.

If you thought this story could not get more sordid, let me assure you that it can, and it does.  According to the article, Tiffany was an aspiring porn star, and she got angry with her dad for selling videos and pictures of the two of them having sex and not sharing the profits with her.  And that’s when she decided to get the police involved.

Because I had been talking to a friend about the huge number of blogs that focus on being single and dating (or lack of dates), the story got me thinking about

If you're having trouble catching a fish, check your bait.

Maybe there really aren’t plenty of fish in the sea.

what thought process a woman goes through prior to considering her father as potential romantic material.  How many bad blind dates do you have to go on, how many poor matches do you have to endure from®, before you start fishing closer to home? Let’s just imagine that interior monologue for a moment.

In his favor, he’s older, and I like older guys.  There won’t be any of that awkwardness because I don’t know anyone when he invites me to family gatherings.  Our kids will look just like us!  Plus, we have a lot of shared experiences, like the time I learned to walk, and when he came to my fourth grade Christmas pageant, and all those times he chased off any boy who tried to date me by threatening them with a baseball bat.  And, you know, there’s a long, storied history of incest being practiced by the great families of the world.  The  Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Savoy and Bourbon royal dynasties all did it!  Cleopatra married two of her brothers! 

On the other hand, your Mom probably isn’t going to be pleased when she hears about this . . .

The photo of Mark Twain and his family appears courtesy the Mark Twain House & Museum.  Royalty free stock photos including the other images in this post can be found at Stock.XCHNG.


9 thoughts on “In Praise of Dating Your Dad

  1. maryisidra says:

    This is really hard to wrap my brain around. I think “dad” has some problems.,and what about their child later on…. Incest does lead to some health issues. Am I taking this to serious???


  2. boondocksbrainwork says:

    Oh man, I always knew there was something off about Connecticut Yankees….
    You know, if she’d saved up a few bucks, she could’ve bought a bus ticket south to the Jersey shore. She’d *still* have wound up doing porn but it probably wouldn’t have been with a close relation!


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