Stupid Shit We Do For Love

For those of you who may have missed it, there was an interesting news story out of Philadelphia this weekend that encompasses so many topics of this blog that I can’t sit still I’m so jazzed about it.

My Disastrous al-Quada Gangbang

First, we have the local angle (I live in the general vicinity of Philadelphia), then we have Facebook, and nakie pictures sent over the interwebs, and a love triangle.  Oh yeah, and terrorism, which I haven’t written about yet because it’s hard to work sex and humor into the topic of terrorism, but I am considering a future blog post titled “My Disastrous al-Qaeda Gang Bang” but first, you know, I have to have one.

Here is a link to the story, if you have not seen it:  Lovers Spat Through Facebook,Text Messages, Led to Airplane Hoax.

To recap, an ex boyfriend posted nakie pictures of his ex girlfriend on his Facebook page.  Then, the ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend got mad about this, and did what any red blooded American boy would do: he called the police and said ex boyfriend had boarded a flight out of Philadelphia International Airport with liquid explosives.  The upshot of it all is that  the new boyfriend got arrested for making a “hoax threat” and the ex boyfriend got arrested for outstanding warrants on dope charges.
Previously, I’ve written about dangers of sending naked pictures of yourself over the internet in #1617 in Our Ongoing Series “Why You Should Never Send Nakie Pics Over the Interwebs” and in Lesson #564 in our continuing education on Why You Should Never Post Naughty Pics of Yourself on the Intertubes but now  it looks like I have to add a new warning to my list:  Don’t send nakie pictures over the internet because your future boyfriend may be charged with conveying false information that interfered with aviation by use of an instrument of commerce (a public pay phone).

I don’t know if new boyfriend is really stupid or really romantic. Ok, I do know.  He’s really stupid.  But think about it for a moment.  What do you do if you’re the girl in that relationship?  You kinda have to marry the guy (unless he goes to jail.  Then all bets are off).  Just try breaking up with him.

Girlfriend:  So, um, I’ve been thinking that maybe we shouldn’t see each other anymore.

Boyfriend: But I conveyed false information that interfered with aviation for you!

Girlfriend: Oh, God,  you’re right.  How could I even think of breaking up with you?  Let’s hold hands and go to a movie.

They broke up a week later and he sent this picture to everyone in her Gmail contacts.

The story got me thinking about the stupid things we do when we fall in and out of love.  Some of us send naked pictures of ourselves to boys we will break up with a few weeks later, and then some of us become embroiled in a grudge match with our current flame’s ex.  Since my dating years predated the ubiquity of camera phones, there were never any nakie pictures of me floating around the internet, but I once put a sappy greeting card on the windshield of the car of a guy who had just broken up with me, hoping the saccharine sentiment of Hallmark would make him realize the error of his ways (it didn’t).  My husband’s last girlfriend, a petite Asian, threatened to send a Vietnamese gang after him when they broke up.  That fact was shared with me on our first date because he thought I would find it funny.  Instead, I spent the early weeks of our relationship looking over my shoulder and sleeping with a baseball bat by my bed.

So what stupid shit stuff did you do for love?

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9 thoughts on “Stupid Shit We Do For Love

  1. Brianna's Happy Life says:

    hahaha! Whyyy would anyone in the world send naked pics of themselves over the internet? Could you imagine pressing “send” and realized you sent it to “Grammy” instead of “Graham”? That is a pretty good–err crazy–retaliation by the current boyfriend, though!


    • Karen says:

      Oddly enough, I could imagine doing that (sending a naked picture of myself to Gramma instead of Graham-who I imagine would be some sexy British dude). I misfire text messages all the time, though thankfully it’s nothing more embarrassing than asking my boss (instead of my husband) to pick up milk on the way home.


  2. nancyfrancis says:

    Sudden fear and regret of potentially lewd photos I’ve sent via text. But those were to entice sex, not love 😉


    • Karen says:

      Finally! I was beginning the think I was the only one who made a fool of myself for penis, I mean, love.

      Yeah, this was always my concern about giving out nakie pics (not that I was ever asked for one, dammit). I really wasn’t too concerned with the guy I gave them to having them, I was worried all his friends would see them either during the relationship or after we inevitably broke up.


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