Freshly Pressed

I debated with myself over whether or not to write about my experience being Freshly Pressed  last week for this blog entry, Blog Posts I Didn’t Write , because I don’t want this blog to turn into yet another blog about blogging (sheesh!), but I’m just so amused and astonished about the whole episode, I thought I’d share some fun facts.

Prior to being Freshly Pressed, I was getting about 30 page views a day, I had received a total of five comments over the past month, and I had just gotten my tenth follower (thank you Susan Wells Bennett and her blog, Bright Lights, Big Cactii!), which caused a mini celebration at my house attended by my cat Noodles, who didn’t understand why I was pumping my fist in the air, but she did appreciate the fact that I finally opened the new package of Whiskas Temptations (Tasty Chicken Flavor), which up until then did not seem to be serving any purpose other than sitting in my cabinet and making her tummy grumble.

So that was the state of Do Not Get Sick in the Sink, Please  on August 8, 2012.

Then I was Freshly Pressed on August 9, 2012.


By the end of the day, I had 3,341 page views, 114 comments, and 85 followers.  I’d also been reblogged (I’m new to this, and not really sure what that means, other than a blogger posted a link back to my post on their


blog), and pinged (again, not sure what this is, exactly) by a Scandinavian blogger who noted on his blog in Swedish (or maybe it was Norwegian?) that he didn’t really understand the post, but whatever.

I’ll have more to say about Freshly Pressed later, but this whole episode has made me wonder about a bunch of things.  So what do you think about Freshly Pressed?  And what makes you click the “like” button on a blog entry?  And what makes you decide to follow a blog?

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14 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed

  1. Watergeest himself says:

    I started following you because of your refreshing, laid-back style. And so far I have not been disappointed. Concerning the strange behavior of followers: I think social media is one gigantic ego trip.


  2. Beth says:

    I think Freshly Pressed is a great way to find blogs you otherwise wouldn’t have–I certainly wouldn’t have found your blog!
    I very rarely ‘like’ posts. I’m far more likely to comment, as I prefer receiving comments. It’s a more direct engagement with the blog and the blogger, it opens the conversation. And it shows that the content is actually being read.
    For following, well, if I find a blog funny/well written/engaging, I certain will follow. It does matter what the content is.


    • Karen says:

      Agreed. And the really neat thing about being Freshly Pressed is that I got introduced to a whole bunch of blogs and bloggers as they got introduced to me. Prior to this experience, I was following a couple of humor blogs, so I’m really glad my interests have been broadened.


  3. minnesotatransplant says:

    I was Freshly Pressed last week, too, which is probably what prompted me to poke around at other Freshly Pressed blogs (though I do that on other weeks, too — I was just a little more obsessed last week). I love the Freshly Pressed home page because it sort of edits my blog choices for me — they only include blog that actually make sense and use proper grammar, etc., which shows a certain level of expertise. In any case, I decided to follow you after checking out a couple of posts on your site. I like blogs about a lot of topics (life in general) and your writing style seems genuine with a funny edge. Sort of like I aspire to be (some days are better than others).


  4. Rantypants says:

    Honestly, I followed your blog because he WordPress reader on my phone requires you to follow a blog before to can read it (which, unfortunately, has led me to follow/unfollow a lot of blogs this week!) but I’ve contiued following because you are dang funny! As far as liking, I like and blog post that, frankly, I like.

    No idea what freshly pressed is, but I have a link queued up in the next window that’s bound to explain it, and anything that can accellerate a blog from blog purgatory is awesome in my book. Keep up the good work!


  5. Lisa says:

    If it makes me laugh or smile I like it. If I like more than one blog entry I tend to follow it then or if I think I’ll like more than one, depends on my mood.


  6. J-Bo says:

    Congrats! I just got an e-mail that I will be Freshly Pressed so I’m researching what to expect. Love the party with your cat- I will definitely be celebrating with mine tonight! They love Temptations- especially the cat-nip flavored ones, along with a side of actual catnip.


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