The Education You’re Missing By Not Watching The Learning Channel

Until today, I thought the only shows TLC broadcast starred one of the teeming brood of Palins (oops, looks like Life’s a Tripp aired on Lifetime, not TLC) but I just found this show, {strange} Sex, which premiered on July 15, so I’ve missed the first few episodes, and it looks like I have some catching up to do!  Fortunately, I’ll be able to watch the show on the website.  What did we do before the interwebs?  Looked at the underwear models in the Sears catalogue and stared wistfully out the window, I guess.

He’s actually writing his dissertation.

I scanned several video clips over my morning cup of coffee, which is a way, though maybe not the best,  to start your day.  First, there was the story of a sex addict, who lost her virginity at fourteen and hasn’t come up for air since.  She worked as a stripper to “feed her sex addiction” and  “pay her way through college” and by “pay her way through college” I’m guessing they mean “pay her crack/coke/heroin dealer.”  Strippers learn early on that you score bigger tips by mentioning how much your Intro to Botany text costs (and hiding the needle tracks on your arms).  Anyway, our stripper sex addict doesn’t appear to have benefitted much from that college education, as she was still stupid enough to meet and marry two different strip club patrons (take that, eHarmony!).  Now she’s divorced and lonely, and probably using her appearance on {strange} Sex to find husband number three.

There was also the story of the man with the world’s largest scrotum, Las Vegan (yes, that is the name for them!  I want to move to Las

How much does your scrotum weigh?

Vegas and eat lots of meat, just so I can call myself that) Wesley Warren.  His scrotum weighs 160 pounds, and is still growing.  I guess he’s eating his vegetables.  And then there was the woman with the world’s largest breasts, size 102ZZZ, which I think makes her breasts so big they snore.  Each of her breasts reportedly weighs in at 85 lbs.  These two really need to get together.

The “before” picture.

Finally, I viewed a clip featuring a “giantess.” Let me just say right here that it’s a total scam, because she is only 5’8″ (your authoress is a towering 5’9″) so that hardly qualifies her as a “giantess.”  Still, she makes a living stomping around miniature set designs while some perv films her and other pervs buy the movies and wank to them, I guess.  The absolutely weirdest thing about this is the fact that she does this with all her clothes on.  Hey, I’ll come over and trample your model railroad set, and I’ll do it for free, because I like to destroy things.


{strange} Sex airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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