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Go read this blog.  It’s funny. PFN News   I don’t always agree with the posts there and I’m absolutely miffed by the blog’s attempt to propagate the long discredited theory that dinosaurs were killed off by second hand smoke, which directly contradicts my own pet theory, that they were all gay.

Anyway, go read it.  I particularly enjoyed this December 2011 poll of the blog’s staffers regarding the Republican presidential hopefuls.  You’ll see that Kansas (the state?  the 70’s rock band?  Who knows?) made a surprisingly strong showing at 11%.  True story:  I once dated (and, I’m really ashamed to say, given his soon-to-be-revealed taste in music, made out with) a guy who cited Kansas as his favorite band.  When he gave this bizarre response to my awkward stab at first date conversation (“So, what kind of music do you like?”), he must have interpreted the confused look on my face as one of horror and disgust, because he immediately launched into a spirited defense of his choice of a band that had last been at the top of the charts before either one of us had been born and has been largely resigned to the dust bin of rock n roll history, despite my date’s insistence that they were sure to make a comeback.  Any day now.  Yes, any day.

So check out PFN News and you might as well check out (why not?) the upcoming tour dates for Kansas.  Those can be found here.  If they’re not playing your local amphitheater, or, um, your local grocery store opening, here’s a little something for you, courtesy of YouTube (I did, actually, recognize this song, after my date sang a few bars).