Freaking amazing

Just have to note how pretty freaking amazing the FBI, Aurora police, and the members of the bomb squad are for having successfully removed all the explosives from Holmes’s apartment, considering how  many devices (60!) were present.

And I’m also sending lots of human love out to the robot that went in there and managed to get under the first tripwire which allowed for the dismantling of the other bombs.  I would so have sex with that robot right now (if he wanted.  Wait, is it even a “he”?  Is it a she-robot?  Ok, ok, I would even go lez for that robot, that’s how much love I’m feeling right now).  I’ve thought about sex with robots before, and you can read all about that here, but this time I really mean it.

Check out this post from the blog Homo ArtificialisSex, Intimacy, and Artificial Humans (Part I)  if you’re feeling like some robo-porn this morning.  That’s part one of a five part series of posts, and they’re all worth checking out.