No More Grab Ass Around the Office Water Cooler (at least, not in France)

Attention all workplace perverts: time to withdraw your worker visa application with the French embassy!  The French Constitution Council, which is sorta, but not quite, like the USSC, had repealed its sexual harrassment law back in May on account of it being all sorts of “vague” and “confusing” and “stupid” and pretty much just a way for French rapists to, um, get away with their crime by bargaining it down to harassment, a criminal offense over there, with monetary penalties and minimal jail time. The repeal of the law created a five week window of opportunity for all sorts of shenanigans in the workplace, such as leering and drooling and crotch rubbing  all the work long day, instead of getting that coversheet on your TPS report like your boss wants.  For those five weeks, France must have seemed like an absolute freakin’ utopia for 21st century Don Drapers of the world.

But no more.  The French Senate just passed new legislation unanimously, and the National Assemby is scheduled to vote later this month.

So tres bien for the French, but let’s hope the passage of the legislation doesn’t mean the end of this group.  It’s nice to see bearded ladies working as political activists in Europe, because the only use we Americans ever found for them was as circus sideshow attractions.