Updates! I’ve Got Updates!

I’ve decided to bring you up to date on two stories previously featured here because without updates this blog would be just like that mystery novel you think you lost at the beach, only maybe someone from that creepy family that dropped their asses down right in front of you—right in front!—took it when you went to get a water ice, which is what you really wanted, but all they had were Rocket Pops, which tasted like red white and blue crap on a stick.  My point is, you never found out who the murderer was in that book (hint: it was the character who had you scratching your head and wondering “Why is this guy even in this book?”) and this blog would be just like that without updates.

First, let’s turn to our favorite political hack analyst and partner at Ballard Spahr (yes, there goes yet another potential employer flushed right down the toilet!  Whoosh!), Ed Rendell, who faithful readers will remember from this post.    In the waning days of his stint as sports analyst Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed decided we’re all a bunch of absolute pussies, only he used a word less likely to give my Aunt Lucille apoplexy: he called us all wusses.  And why are we wusses?  Ed thinks we’re wusses because we wouldn’t hop on our dog sleds and Iditarod it down to Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Eagles lose play one Sunday when the city of Philadelphia was buried in over a foot of snow.

Are you still with me?  Ok, so Rendell managed to turn this idea into a book which was published last month and shot up to #24, 794 on Amazon’s best seller list.  I see now that that list is updated hourly, so by the time you read this post, the book, along with Ed Rendell, will be even further into oblivion.

Someone should point out, and it may as well be me, that if Rendell had the balls to actually use the word “pussy” in the title maybe he would have sold a few more copies.

Our second update involves Educator of the Year high school teacher Natalie Munroe who caused a local firestorm when she began blogging about how much she hated her job, hated her bosses, but especially hated her students.  You can read all about that here.  She was able to hang onto her job for the year, it seems, but her luck finally ran out and Ms. Munroe just got fired for, um, sucking at her job.  In other news, sky, blue and water, wet.