Lick, Pump, Squirt, Snore

So is this even really sex?  I had a difficult time imagining what these couples do instead of orgasming, even though I sat here for a good long while trying to picture it.  Yes, a good long while I sat here, recalling all those memories of near-sex I had in high school and college, when the opinion of my parents and the Pope mattered enough to me to keep my knees tightly together.  In the end, I still didn’t quite get a clear idea of what “karezza” could be, but I did get a little hot and bothered.

So is it even sex?

Or is it just hand holding?  Or making out?

Or, um, some combination of impotence/homosexuality?

Anyway, isn’t sex without orgasm the sort of sex women have been having all along?  This isn’t a new concept for most of us.  According to Dr. Phil, 50-75% of women don’t have orgasms during vaginal intercourse, and, according to me, 100% of women don’t.  I’ll leave it to you to decide who is a more credible authority on female orgasm.  So apparently the crappy sex we’ve been having all along is now supposed to be “more exciting” and “improve every aspect” of life, only instead of “crappy sex” I’m now supposed to call it “karezza.”  In this case, nomenclature, as it so often does, makes all the difference.


8 thoughts on “Lick, Pump, Squirt, Snore

  1. Aurora says:

    I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I can only have orgasms on my own, never in the presence of another person (and it’s not like they haven’t tried hard, poor boys! LOL I make them stop because I don’t feel comfortable losing control). Still, it’s not “crappy sex”, far from it! I’ve had kisses and words whispered in my ear that brought me more pleasure than my orgasms. I don’t know, maybe I’m weird 😛 I didn’t even know about this karezza thing, but that’s what I’ve been doing (tantric sex also has some things in common with this).


      • Aurora says:

        Hi Karen! I just posted a comment here but it had a link, so I suppose it went to your SPAM list, I hope you can rescue it 😦 Well, anyway…you were joking but yes, I agree and confess, I am weird 😛 hahahahah I mean, whoin the world consciously doesn’t want to have an orgasm when they’re with someone they love??? The answer is: meeee!!! LOL And I tend to crave cuddling much more than sex, too, go figure!

        I can’t believe you worry about your hair (!?) while having sex, really?? You should just throw it around from time to time in a way that makes it/you look wild, that’s all 🙂 Me, I worry about my belly. And my cellulite 😦 *ugh* Especially because I’m with a guy who’s in SUCH a good shape and I’ve been sedentary for the past FOUR years (I know, it’s depressing :P). I try to look cool and pretend I’m the queen/goddess of sex and that I don’t give a damn about how I look, I act as if I look awesome LOL But I actually don’t LOL I mean, it’s just to seduce him, because all I care is that HE thinks I look good and yummy and that we both have a great time – it seems to be working so far 😉 hahahahahah


  2. sqeekchair says:

    Everything is a matter of practice, patience, and learning human anatomy, and letting yourself enjoy the sex you are having without worry of what your thighs or stomachs looks like. From his angle- it is far more erotic than you think.


    • Karen says:

      I’m usually worried about what my hair looks like. And if I’ve managed to twist up my face into some bizarre expression that would frighten grown men. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Ambino says:

    Hey! I stumbled on your blog via Freshly Pressed. I think the emphasis here is that the MAN is not orgasming. So in your words, everybody’s having crappy sex, instead of just us girls. 🙂


    • Karen says:

      This post gets BY FAR the most traffic on my blog. I think everyone *is* having crappy sex, and they’re googling ways to make it better! (Karezza is not the answer, people!)


  4. babysgotasecret says:

    Oh dear. I now feel like I have to clarify why I clicked on this post now that you commented it gets the most traffic. I figured it had to do with some weird sex that made it crappy, not that everyone is having crappy sex. I do not have crappy sex. It breaks my heart when I hear about crappy sex, the mother in me wants to fix things and make it better, lol. Anyway…enjoying your blog so much. I hope you keep your new found audience.


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