Too Stupid to Live

I woke up this morning to two news stories, one national and one local and both have me wondering: Are these people too stupid to live?

Let’s take a look at our first moron, married Republican Congressman Chris Lee, who, within hours of the story breaking was no longer a Congressman, and I’m betting the timer is ticking down on that married thing, too. He’ll probably be able to hold onto that “Republican” descriptor due to the simple fact that while standards for both marital partners and bodies of legislature are at historical lows, the Republican Party has no principles at all. So what did our fine friend from the 26th Congressional District do? He browsed craigslist personals, which can be understandable for the shits and lols factor, or for relieving dateless Saturday night I’m-going-to-die-alone anxiety by confirming that there are bigger losers in the world than you who really are going to die alone. But Lee did more than just browse the personals. Lee took the time out of his busy Congressional work day to respond to at least one ad using his real name, real email address, and real photo. He craftily (and by “craftily” I mean “pointlessly” and “unsuccessfully”) covered his tracks by lying about his job. And probably his penis size.

Our second idiot is disgruntled high school teacher (are there any other kind?) Natalie Munroe who took to blogging about how much she hated her job, hated her bosses, and hated her students. Ms. Munroe ranks only slightly above (below?) Mr. Lee on the stupidity meter because she cleverly blogged under the pseudonym “Natalie M.” while posting her real life picture. And she wasn’t trolling for sex. Ironically, the teacher stopped blogging about a year ago, probably because she thought no one was reading her posts.