MTV Makes One More Stab at Relevancy; Hilarity Ensues

As if Guidos and Guidettes wasn’t enough of a reason to avoid MTV, the network is now broadcasting Child Pornography Violations That Could Bring 15 year Prison Sentences.

I’m loving this quote from that NY Times piece:

Jessica Bennett, a senior writer for Newsweek, wrote last week, “ ‘Skins’ may be the most realistic show on television”

which just makes me want to know a whole lot more about Jennifer Bennett’s adolescence, since the show features a bunch of pretty-pretties who have sex and do dope. As opposed to my adolescence, which I always thought was “real” but probably would not pass Ms. Bennett’s reality test since it only included several awkward dates (“I don’t think I’m kissing right”), which led to an eventual awkward sexual encounter (“Is that all there is?”), and which culminated in my awkward high school graduation (“Please God, don’t let me trip on my gown!”)

And they have a lot of sex, apparently. According to reports, one comic bit from an early episode involves a youngster running around with an out of control boner after taking, um, boner pills. I mean, was everyone high when they wrote/read/produced that script? And is in-house counsel at MTV Networks the easiest gig in the business? I bet you get to take naps at your desk and enter Parcheesi tournaments during work hours, instead of wondering, “Hey, those young kids in our hot new project, I wonder if showing them having intercourse could land us in any hot water? Maybe I should look into that.”