This Opinion Has Nothing to Do With the Fact that I am a NY (football) Giants Fan

So Ed Rendell thinks there are grave national implications for the NFL moving the Eagles-Vikings game from Snowy-time Blizzard Day to Tuesday:  Nation of Wussies!  If only the Eagles would have played that game on Sunday, if only all the fans and concession workers and security manned up and grew a pair and interfered with efforts to clear the streets of snow in order to get to a football game, we’d erase that trade deficit with China!

I like to describe myself as a yellow dog Democrat, but Ed Rendell can’t leave the governor’s mansion fast enough for me.  All you need to know about Ed Rendell is in the sixth paragraph of that Seattle Times story: Rendell does football commentaries after each Eagles game.  I guess Ed had to find something else to do with his Sunday.  Perhaps he could, oh, I dunno, govern the state or something.  Instead, he probably moped around the governor’s mansion muttering to himself about how pathetic Americans are, letting snow emergencies interfere with their games!

Speaking of pathetic Americans, how about Congratulations on Giving up on that Dog-Torturing Thing After You Got Caught and Went to Jail For It. If you can figure out who I find more pathetic among Vick, Obama or Lurie, you’ll win a prize.*

*It’s a trick question.  I find them all equally pathetic.  So no prize for you.