Are People Who Comment on the Internet Crazy?

More and more these days, I find myself intrigued by the reader comments posted on blogs instead of the blog post itself.

Take, for example, this piece: Female Orgasm Can Reveal Partner’s Attractiveness, Wealth, And Confidence Levels that I read over on Medical Daily. It’s all about some research that seems to indicate that good looking rich guys are out there having a lot of sex with women who have very intense orgasms. As if the lives of good looking rich guys needed to be any better, we now have scientific proof that their lives are even way more awesome than we could ever imagine.

Now scroll down, way down, keep scrolling. Ah! There it is! The single comment (at least, at the time of this writing there was only one comment) attached to that article was posted by Javed Rahpoto, lately of Shah Abdul Latif University, from his Facebook. Here’s what Javed had to say about good looking rich guys and female orgasms.

Javed Comment

Here it is days later, and I’m not thinking about those good looking rich guys and their horny women. I’m thinking about Javed and his comment.  Javed Post ItIs it directed at the author of the story, admonishing her for failing to fully illuminate the mystery that is the female orgasm? Or is it a reminder to himself, staring at him from out of his Facebook News Feed, sort of like how I stick Post Its all over the place so that I don’t forget to thaw out the chicken or vaccinate the cat?

I’d like to think that most commenters are people like Javed: someone who’s out there, reading stuff on the internet, and thinking about how he can use the information to give his lady earth shattering climaxes make the world a better place, but some days I’m worried that commenters are more like these folks who responded to the recent announcement of the new Archbishop of Chicago.Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 5.35.17 PM

By the way, I intentionally steered clear of any article mentioning President Obama, Honey Boo-Boo, or the Keystone Pipeline in my search for comments just now. Yet I still managed to find the crazy on this inoffensive (at least to normal people) news release from the Archdiocese of Chicago.

So are people who comment on the internet crazy? Imagine what you would think if you had these sorts of interactions in real life.

Me: Nice weather we’re having.

Crazy Commenter: The gays hate nice weather, and so does President Obama. If it were up to him, we wouldn’t have any weather at all, just socialism! And let me add something here about my penis, and all women are bitches, also.

I try not to comment on the internet, other than to support other bloggers here on WordPress, but I have to admit the urge is sometimes there to argue with the crazies. So far I’ve been able to control those urges, but they do make me wonder about myself. Maybe I should stop reading comments altogether, so that you don’t find me, someday, muttering behind my keyboard and furiously typing a comment underneath the review of the local high school’s production of You’re  A Good Man, Charlie Brown.